Hi! Me again!

So yesterday was a pretty amazing day. Meeting with the doctors and hearing more about my great scan helped me realize how amazing it really is! My main doctor said something that I didn’t realize or understand before which is that often times advanced cervical cancer does not respond to treatment which explains why the statistics are so scary. And this means that I am a rare exception to the rule and I feel so grateful for this! The plan is to keep riding this chemo wave (aka my new band name) and get three more treatments and then scan again so it looks like I’ll be in NYC through Thanksgiving. When I first heard the results on Wednesday I was happy to hear the news and was celebrating inside in a calm, tempered manner. But yesterday I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and hope. It also kind of felt like recognition of a great accomplishment or getting a really good grade on a test that I studied for. I guess that’s because I have been working hard on this healing process and it feels so good to know it’s working. So thank you all out there for your support on my mission to overcome this silly disease and let’s keep on going!!! Let’s knock this sucker out of the park! Here I am yesterday near Sloan Kettering rocking out in this fun handkerchief-thing that I got at Uniqlo with these feather earrings that you can barely see!

I just realized how crazy my eyes look in this photo! Hahahaha. Ok, well, I’m off to my non-stop weekend! xoxoxo Lauren

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