Hello out there. Apologies for my lack in writing as frequently as I usually do. More on that in a minute. But first, I must share with you some exciting news. I got scanned again on Monday and this morning my doctor called to say that once again it looks GREAT! We only spoke for a few minutes because tomorrow I will meet with her at Sloan as well as my main doc at Columbia (how lucky am I to have two doctors!?!?) to discuss the results and hear their plans for next steps. She said that the scan showed further shrinkage all over and that it’s all still going in the right direction. So let’s all take a minute to do this:

I didn’t even mention that I was getting scanned partially because I wasn’t that nervous or worried about it. Aside from my ongoing tooth issues and chemo side effects, I generally feel good so how could the scan be bad? Man, it’s hard to write with all that flapping above so I can imagine it’s hard for you to read this. Anyhoo, my writing efforts have been focused on a story that I am working on about my experience with cancer that will be featured on this beauty/health website in October for cancer awareness month. Exciting! And I’ve got a freelance illustration project that I’ve been working on so not so much time for blogging. I did some crafting over the weekend with my friend Lauren but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the lucky recipients so no pictures yet! This weekend I am planning to go to this Stupid Cancer conference which is an organization for young adults with cancer. I’m looking forward to it although a little nervous too. I haven’t really socialized with any other young cancer patients yet and I’m considering going bare headed too! Why not? My hair has continued to grow so I almost look like I just shaved my head. Then on Sunday I am going to a potluck for people in the Integrative Nutrition program that are NYC based. Considering that I barely leave the house these days except to go to the oral surgeon’s office or walk in central park this will be a very outgoing weekend for me! Perhaps you will hear from me before the weekend but if not, have a good one. And if you are in NYC I highly recommend the Magritte show at MoMA. He is one of my favorite artists ever! xoxo Lauren

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