Vacation Ideas?

Omg, I gotta get off these steriods. I’ve been starving all day so I just ate spaghetti and chicken meatballs from the Meatball Shop  in addition to other food from the fridge and now I feel SO SICK. I can’t breathe! Steve said this is what it is like to be a 20 year old boy. Hahaha. Anyhoo, this isn’t exactly a blog post but more of a question I am posing out there to all of you readers. So I need to go on vacation soon. Real bad. My birthday is coming up in February and I want to go on some nice beach vacation probably in the Caribbean. Say Puerto Rico or Costa Rica? I dunno. Somewhere easy to get to from NY and somewhere that has good fresh food. Maybe there’s some resort out there that specializes in serving good food or something? You all know how important my diet is and I think I’d enjoy going somewhere where the food was part of the experience in addition to the relaxing beach experiences. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email me or hit me up in the comments. Thanks so much! Love to all! xoxo Lauren

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