Lauren Anne Adolfsen

Dear Readers,

On the evening of Monday, January 20, 2014, Lauren died peacefully at Sloan-Kettering, encircled by her mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, boyfriend, and a few close friends. She was strong, spirited and brave, but the disease was unbelievably aggressive and unrelenting.

This isn’t the end of the road for Snack Mountain. We’re blessed with a wealth of Lauren’s photographs, artwork and writing. We will continue to add to her website as well as to this blog.

For those of you who knew Lauren, thank you for sharing your memories of her with us.

For everyone, let Lauren continue to inspire you.

She will forever be all sweetness and light, and will always remain in our hearts.

Lauren Adolfsen
Lauren Adolfsen at the Crochet Museum in Joshua Tree.
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5 Responses to Lauren Anne Adolfsen

  1. Megan says:

    We will miss Lauren so much. It makes me so happy that she will continue to live on through her amazing work. Thank you for continuing her legacy on her blog, I look forward to following along.

  2. Tricia O'Reilly says:

    Lauren has been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard this sad news. She was such a wonderful person – creative and full of life. All my love to the Adolfsens.

  3. Stephanie C. says:

    In our hearts and inspiring our days.

    Here’s to Snack Mountain!

  4. Carly says:

    Dear Friends and Family: I was so lucky to have met your beloved Lauren in the Fall at the StupidCancer summit in Manhattan. We immediately connected and continued to stay in touch, sharing stories and motivating each other out as best we could. I was so inspired by her bravery and felt very grateful to have her as a friend. I am so saddened by her passing and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I will think of Lauren everyday as I continue my fight.

    Carly B

  5. Hua says:

    I never had the please sure to meet with Lauren. I am a graphic designer myself and I got to know her work and eventually found her on this blog in the last three months. Although I never met her in real life, but I feel like I know her personally from her blog, work, things she follow/ like. She is an amazing artist, a dedicated individual and most importantly, I admire her because she seems like a brave soul who did everything she could imagine, tried to make things she dreamed of a reality and lived life to the fullest. You will always be an inspiration and will definitely be missed Lauren.

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