Merry Xmas!

Hello my friends! So things have been incredibly overwhelming and I am proud of myself for staying afloat. People often say how brave and strong I am. When people say this, I usually think that if put in my situation, anyone would step up these qualities. But this week was proof to myself that this is an inherent quality of mine and that I am developing and strengthening this quality during this challenging time in my life. Sloan Kettering blew me away again this week with their outstanding medical care. I am so lucky to have access to the best medical care ever! On Monday I met with a gynecological radiation oncologist who was very sweet and kind and she arranged for me to start pelvic radiation that same day to get the bleeding and pain under control. On our way to the appointment I encountered some of the most severe pain I’ve ever had and we got some serious heavy duty painkillers but I think the radiation is already helping that area and that I won’t need it. Fingers crossed. Also, I can’t help but share with you the fact that during some intense bleeding episodes, I have been wearing DEPENDS and I think it’s hilarious. It’s what all the cool kids on Bedford Ave or Silver Lake are going to be doing soon. Just you wait and see! Haha. Because things have been so intense and overwhelming I’ve been having a hard time remembering what day it is which is understandable. So a few nights ago, not sure which day, Lisa and Eric came over to decorate our tree! We really have the best ornaments! Here are some fun pics!

Here’s a felt banana-man ornament I made ages ago!

Here is an old ornament from the Nutcracker! We are going on Sunday and I am soooooo excited!!!

And another nutcracker girlie!

I haven’t had time to write about it much but there is so much I want to write about my experience with Reiki. It has been transformational for me. My friend Rebecca has been coming over every day to give me treatments and today this new woman I met through Ellen named Lourdes is coming over. It not only provides me with comfort but also this increasing confidence that I will recover. There have been moments this week where I have faced some serious fear in acknowledging how scary this disease is because of how aggressive and widespread it is in my body. But I feel that the Reiki is helping me through the transformation needed to overcome this illness. I am so grateful to Rebecca for introducing me to Ellen and this amazing practice.

We are still trying to figure out our plan for treating the cancer in my body post-radiation treatments but with the help of my amazing doctor at Columbia, it seems like we are coming closer to figuring it out.

So Steve is on a plane right now and I cannot wait to see him! I hope that you are all out there enjoying the holiday with your families. I send my love to everyone giraffe style (t-shirt from Rebecca!) xoxo Lauren

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