Snack Mountain was founded by Lauren Adolfsen in 2003. Born and raised in New York City, Lauren’s passion for food started at a young age with the children’s book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and a collection of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Years later, as an undergraduate at Skidmore College, she created “Snack Mountain,” a multi-media installation that featured claymation food characters on a fatal roller coaster ride. After college, Lauren worked as a buyer for retail stores such as Fred Flare and MoMA and continued to make claymation movies while also producing and selling a line of t-shirts and accessories under the Snack Mountain name. In May 2011 Lauren completed her MFA in Graphic Design from Yale School of Art.

UPDATE: In early May 2013 I was diagnosed with an unusually aggressive cervical cancer (stage IV) that spread in my body. I was living in Los Angeles for almost 2 years but due to my illness, I moved back home to New York to live with my parents and fight this disease! Back in mid-April when I got the MRI that revealed the tumors/growths, an inspiring thought popped into my head: “When this is all over, you will be a healer.” I am still figuring out what this means but so far, I believe it means that in addition to my traditional treatments, I am healing myself through nutrition, kundalini yoga/meditation, and arts and crafts. All of these healing efforts are supported by my loving family and friends. I started blogging in the summer of 2012 and when I got sick, it seemed to be a good outlet to share my journey through cancer with my friends and family as well as others who may be going through something similar. I am currently studying to be a health coach with the amazing Integrative Nutrition program. On this blog, I plan to post recipes, showcase creative projects, share stories and pictures about my healing process and just be a silly goofball as much as possible to diffuse my fears about this scary disease I am up against. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride. Thanks!

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