Healing Time

The other day at 6am I got an idea. I remembered when Rachel was sick her boyfriend’s family made her 1,000 paper cranes for healing. So I looked it up and learned about the Japanese tradition. The tradition says you can make the cranes for yourself as a wish for healing and longevity! I bought a couple kits/books and made my first practice crane last night! I am very excited about this project! Typically you string the cranes in rainbow colors onto garlands and group them all together! This will be a great project to work on during treatment this week or post-chemo when I am sluggish and don’t want to get off the couch. Here I am (posed as my favorite bear Rilakkuma) holding up the kit I got.

I’ve actually been sluggish today and I’m not sure why. The other day in yoga at Golden Bridge we did this one posture where you had to stand up and clap over your head and then touch the ground 108 times and ever since my hamstrings have been incredibly tight! I can barely walk!! Nonetheless, my dad and I went to get me some new running shoes! Check em out!

And then on Sunday my dad and I went for a short and very slow run around the reservoir in Central Park!

Over the weekend we also cleaned out my grandma’s apartment across the street. She passed away during Hurricane Sandy. Crazy timing! She took care of me and my brother pretty much everyday when we were growing up. I found this amazing card I made for her thanking her for taking care of me. I am really into my illustration style! Thumbster!

I want to use some of these techniques in new illustrations I am going to make! We also found this amazing photo of her working at the diner in Brooklyn! I have no idea what year this is but probably the 1950s?

Man, do I wish she was here right now. Whenever I was sick growing up she used to sit with me and comfort me. That’s pure healing right there. I found a scarf there too and I’ve been wearing it today. It still smells like her so I’ll take the healing power of scent for now! I also found this cute button of me and my bro!

Finally, I felt inspired to make another animated GIF from the other night when I went to Meatball Shop with my friends Amanda and Mike. I couldn’t resist it. Chocolate chip mint ice cream sandwich. It was so cold and really hurt my teeth and first! The ice cream had real mint leaves in it. Mmmm….

Ok dudes, let’s send healing power care bear style. Remember when this is all over, I will be a healer. You can be one too!

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