Styling and Retail Therapy

So I shaved off my hair. It’s taken awhile to get used to it and I’m not fully comfortable rocking it in public just yet. But I have some pictures of me wearing my new wig and other head coverings. On Friday, my mom and I went to a boutique at one of the Sloan Kettering locations. I got this really fun sun hat that I am wearing with the wig I bought last week that I really like.

I also got a bang headband thingamabob that I was wearing yesterday because it was so hot outside and wearing a full wig was too hot. Here I am with my dad yesterday on our way to a nearby farmers market.

And here I am with my mom in the same spot. I have no idea why we were standing in front of the Inwood House. It was a randomly selected location.

I was psyched to get some local New York strawberries at the market. In Los Angeles, all the farmers market sell the bigger strawberries but I always crave these smaller variety that grow in the New York area.

Speaking of strawberries, on Friday my mom and I popped into the Marimekko shop across the street and I scored this amazing strawberry Converse shoes!

The other day my brother was complimenting me on the crazy style I’ve been rocking.  One of my crazy new accessories is this hat that my friend Mylinh sent me that her friend at ALL Knitwear made just for me (!) It’s been my main head covering in air-conditioned spaces like my parents house and at the chemo suite on Thursday. It fits in with my new giraffe theme and I realized that I look like one of the characters from one of my favorite video games Katamari Damacy.

If you are not familiar with the game, you basically roll up this giant ball and as it gets bigger you can roll up bigger objects. You can watch a little gameplay on youtube here. Jump to 2:00 to skip the intro stuff. Here’s a still from the game where the character is wearing a giraffe hat!!!

Finally, yesterday I got a pretty amazing care package from Pygmy Hippo Shoppe in LA. I had posted a comment on the shop’s instagram when I saw these amazing pizza necklaces and she sent me one!

Speaking of charms, my cousin Cathy and her two teenaage sons have been sending me individual charms for this charm bracelet they sent me. Every day or two I get a few new ones! It’s so sweet! I’ll share a photo soon. Thanks again to all the nice care packages and support from everyone. Things have been hitting me a little harder on the emotional side and it’s nice to know people are thinking of me. Another hard transition for me is that I switched to get my chemo at Columbia because there is a third kind of drug that Sloan Kettering couldn’t administer to me but Columbia could. Columbia is a great hospital and I like my doctor very much but I am just obsessed with Sloan and it feels a little unsettling to make the change. But getting this third drug seemed essential and I hope it helps with my recovery. I have a good feeling about it.  I’m still going to specialists at Sloan and can still see my amazing doctor there but it has definitely made me a little uneasy this week. I’m sure I’ll adjust. This feels like a weird note to end on but I’m gonna go start moving around a bit. Ciao!

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