This weekend we went back to Fire Island for Memorial Day. It wasn’t as warm as anyone would have liked but it was nice to breathe in some sea air. I brought my fancy camera with me again and enjoyed experimenting with it some more. My friends Sam and Aurora came for the weekend which was wonderful and they were very good company. We went on some nice walks, collected more shells, found some rad free stuff that people were throwing away and ate delicious food! Here they are on the upper deck in the magic hour light:

Here is a view of the lower deck from above. I took a pretty sweet nap on the hammock on Sunday afternoon.

Although the produce didn’t seem super fresh at the local store, my parents made a pretty amazing dinner. Here’s a shot of my dad grilling the vegetables I picked out.

And here’s a close up of the veggies cookin!

Here’s the final dinner all together on our amazing plates and woven placemats.

In other food news, the next morning, I must have looked at too many giraffes the other day because then I saw one in my bagel!

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it trying to capture the best shot! I want to print and frame one of the photographs for Rachel’s great aunt for her collection!!! Speaking of small details, here’s one of the shells we found on the beach. I wonder how those lines along the edge were etched into it.

And I think this is my favorite picture from the weekend. It’s our outdoor bathroom. Aurora commented on how Japanese it looks which is something I never noticed before but I totally agree!

As we were leaving yesterday, I scored some pretty amazing hand-painted rocks from some cute kiddies.

And I took this picture awhile ago but forgot to share it. Here’s my crystal collection!

I bought a wig over the weekend and was going to write about it and post pictures but I am not really in the mood to share. Maybe I’ll post about that a little later. My hair is falling out quite a bit now and tonight my friend Matt is going to buzz it off. So maybe you’ll see me wearing the wig soon. Or maybe I’ll just rock the shaved head/bald look. I’ll have to see how I feel. See ya soon!

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