Giraffes, Pizza and Love

Are you ready for this? Do you like Giraffes? Yesterday Rachel and I stopped by her Great Aunt’s house which is 4 blocks from my parents place. She is 95 and is an avid collector of all things Giraffe! I took TONS of photos that I would like to share with you now. As a collector myself, I am fascinated by collectors and how they display their collections. I was feeling a bit tired when we went over and it was about 98 degrees in the apartment so we didn’t stay too long but I think you will enjoy the amazing giraffes! Check out this amazing rug! I don’t exactly understand how the measurement element works with the design but it’s pretty rad.

Most walls were covered with framed giraffe artwork.

Here are a few highlights from the walls that I was particularly fond of.

Here is Rachel holding up a dancing giraffe figurine.

Here are some more cute figurines.

Then there was this amazing wallpapered area with more giraffe treasures.

And this was pretty darn cute too!

Here’s a shot of yours truly looking into a mirrored display case of mini figurines!

Finally, I want this needlepoint giraffe pillow!!! They look so zen and happy in the tall grass. That must be some seriously tall grass! Or maybe they are lounging. Haha.

Then, Rachel and I went to Matter of Health to pick up ingredients to make gluten-free pizza and kale salad!!! Here we are before we put it into the oven.

And here is the finished product!

And we made a very tasty kale salad which I haven’t had in a few weeks!

I had an unbelievable amount of energy yesterday with Rachel. I don’t know if it’s because I am further away from my first chemo treatment or if I was just so excited to be around Rachel. Probably the latter. Rachel is amazing!!! I was cooking, cleaning and moving around tons. Earlier in the week I could barely get off the couch and my mom was doing all the cooking/cleaning (because she is amazing). In other news, yesterday I went to the pain doctor and coincidentally, I didn’t have much pain yesterday. Funny how that happens. Every day is different so I don’t know if the pain will return but I’m hoping that I am getting closer to more consistent pain-free days.

So today Rach and I are going to check out Uniqlo. I’m on a mission to find more long cotton cozy dresses to wear. And then my mom and I are gonna go buy me a wig! Someone at Sloan suggested I get a wig that matches my current haircut to make an easier transition which I thought was a great idea. A family friend told us about this wig shop on 31st street where they cut the wig on the spot for you. So it’s kinda like getting a haircut but its not your hair. It should be interesting!

Also, I’ve decided to sign up for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition online program. Rachel did the program and thinks it would be a great outlet for me during my treatment period. I am very excited about it!

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