Care-Packages Rule!

Omg, my friends and newlyweds Carlton and Sarah sent me an outstanding care-package yesterday filled with more amazing socks, CRYSTALS (!!!), sage, a challenge to write poetry with a mini notebook and pencils/erasers.

Man, I really feel loved out there so thank you everyone. The big haircut is today but before then I wanted to share a pic of me my mom just took of me in one of my fave childhood t-shirts: “Bartman: Avenger of Evil.” “Watch it, Dude!”

My symptoms yesterday were a little rough and I think it was from the chemo but I’m not sure. As scheduled, I went to get hydrated at the hospital via a Saline IV which seemed to help and now I’m just trying to drink tons more water, juice, etc. ┬áIt also seemed like getting up and walking really helped me. My friend Zak stopped by and we took walking laps around the roof which was awesome!! Well, stay tuned for the hair!

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