Day One of Treatment Down!

Wahoo! Today I got my first dose of chemotherapy. Naturally, I was kinda scared about what it would be like but it was actually really easy. I had a terrible night sleep the night before due to pain so I was pretty exhausted going in. But the treatment was pretty painless and I caught up on some sleep because they gave me some Benadryl in the IV as a routine precaution against allergies to the medicine. I also met with my doctor again who confirmed the diagnosis. She explained that getting cerivcal cancer that grows at this rate is very rare. I even had a normal pap smear in October which the doctor said can happen but is also rare. She also said that there is a third kind of drug that I can seek out from a doctor at Columbia if the two kinds she will be using don’t work which is very comforting news. Anyhoo, I feel so incredibly lucky to be in such good hands at Sloan Kettering and am confident that I am going to be OK! Hallelujah!

Now, for some less heavy stuff, my friends in LA are so amazing. Check out this card they made for me. I heard that there is a care package on the way (with SQIRL nut butter!!!) but this card is pretty unbelievable in the meantime. Check out the inside:

And the back is amazing too!!

I have still been craving pizza so my mom and I went to a local Italian spot to grab a pie!

Here we are enjoying it! My mom is so cute!!!

You can see how tired I am but this girl has got to eat some pizza!!

Despite how crazy and physically painful this all is right now, I am overwhelmed by how lucky I am. I am so grateful for the family and friends I have in my life and that I am getting the best health care possible. Tomorrow I am going back for a different chemo drug and hopefully it will be pretty straightforward too. The one tomorrow is the one that could make me nauseous so fingers crossed that the anti-nausea drugs work. I guess that’s also why I wanted to eat pizza now, pre-potential loss of appetite. Well, untill next time, enjoy yourself out there!

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