My Dreamcatchers

So this may be bit of a spoiler for a few people out there but I couldn’t resist sharing. Many weeks ago I started making these dreamcatchers for my besties in LA. I was going to mail them but I am going to LA tomorrow (!!!) so I thought I would bring them instead. These dreamcatchers are made of pure muppet fur and feathers! Shhh! Don’t tell the vegans! And don’t worry if you are not an LA bestie, I plan to make tons of these so you too can have one! Oh man, am I excited to go to LA! Steve and I FaceTime just about every day. We often play this game where we secretly take pictures of each other. This picture was not a secret but I can’t wait to get myself out of the little box in the bottom left and into blue skies, palm trees and Steve-land!

In other news, over the past few weeks I’ve been meeting classmates from Integrative Nutrition to practice Health Histories (which is basically an initial consultation with a client). It’s been so much fun to connect with fellow health-focused people! Ever since I could talk, I’ve been a social butterfly. My mom tells stories of how in pre-school I used to walk from table to table to socialize. I truly enjoy meeting new people and have been told I have a gift for making people feel comfortable in social settings. So if I do indeed pursue a career as a health coach, I would finally get to use this skill which is an exciting idea to me. I’m sure this skill would also be useful as a graphic designer but ever since the cancer bomb hit, I’ve shifted my priorities and my main goal is to help/heal other people. Well, I should get some beauty rest for the plane ride tomorrow. Love to all! xoxo

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