So this weekend at Fire Island I finished the beads I started a few weeks ago. I strong them on one necklace and did a little photo shoot! Now that is what I call a healing circle, right? Here is my mom as a model.

I am going to give them away as gifts to lucky people so I strung each one on individual cords. I should really make more of these, huh? They are pretty darn fun to make. I’ll have to go to a bead store to pick up some more wooden beads. I also cooked a ton of great food this weekend. Check out this plate:

The Zucchini recipe is from Smitten Kitchen and the Veggie Burgers are from 101 cookbooks. Two classic food blogs I highly recommend. The bok choy is just sauteed in ginger. I was feeling kinda weird physically over the weekend from the recent treatment and it kind of affected my mood but I think I hung in there pretty well. Except for the unpleasant moment when our neighbor out there aggressively accosted me about my illness and I started to cry in front of her. I guess now I’ve got that under my belt and in the future will say, “Sorry, I’d rather not discuss this with you.” Tomorrow I am going to a Gong Healing Bath at Golden Bridge which I am so excited about! And! I am going to LA in 9 days! Woooohoooo! Love to you all! xo


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