Back in Action

Hello peoples. I am back!!! On Monday I turned a corner and have returned to my positive, optimistic self. I’m sure I’ll struggle with some of the scary stuff again at some point but over the past three weeks I’ve done a lot of groundwork for dealing with those emotions and the heaviness finally lifted. Phew! Over the past week, I’ve had ideas about how to think about and express my feelings about death in a positive, creative way rather than a terrifying and negative one and I’ll share more about those ideas later. Also, I went to a great yoga class at Golden Bridge today and the teacher sharaed a great Yogi Bhajan quote: “The most powerful form of healing is self-healing.” I believe that I am becoming skilled at healing myself and I look forward to sharing this skill with others as I continue to recover. One inspirational item I got yesterday to help bring positive energy in my space was this Feng Shui prism/crystal that I hung in my window!

This morning when I woke up it was reflecting rainbows everywhere! So amazing! Yesterday I also went over to my friend’s Sam and Aurora’s house in Ridgewood for dinner. They have been making their own corn masa which they grind themselves! Here’s a shot of Aurora prepping the dough to make tortillas!

She made tacos with Poblano peppers and onions which were pretty spicy! But she also made me a quesadilla with this delicious stringy Oaxacan cheese! I made mine into a cheese roarschach! So what does this really look like to you???

I think it looks just plain delicious! And it was! Aurora and Sam are the best! It was so nice to be in an apartment that felt like one that I would live in on my own (not that I don’t appreciate living at my parents house right now but it’s a different vibe, ya know). Being in their space reminded me of how much I miss having my own place in LA where I have all my books, creative tools and kitchen gear, etc. Speaking of which, in two weeks I am going to LA to pack up my apartment and put everything in storage! I haven’t been back since I left in mid-April which is so crazy to me! I can’t wait to see Steve, Maura, Abe, Mindy, Kate, Driscoll, Bim, Cory, am I forgetting anyone? Palm trees, cacti, the Silver Lake Reservoir, SQIRL (!!!), Cafe Gratitude, man-o-man, it will be a good time! Alright well, I’m off to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow for chemotherapy round number FIVE. Yup, number five. Here we go! Love to you all! xoxo

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