Craft Machine

This weekend at the beach I was a craft machine. I didn’t even sit on the beach. The back deck was my studio. First, I went to town on making some shells both with paint and with the leftover cut outs from Steve’s birthday card. Here’s a group shot (some are works in progress…)

Then I started painting on these wooden beads with florescent paint. I decided to splatter paint on them to make them wild, crazy and1980s.

Here’s a fun close up!

Then the plan is to paint those silly Pizza Man eyes on them but I ran out of time! All I could finish was prepping the whites of their eyes.

Although I did finish one guy that I wore home with me. Here he is comfortably resting on my bosom. Hahahah! I got to use the word bosom.

No news yet from the imaging. The waiting game is not fun. I’m pulling my hair out in anxiety (figuratively speaking…hahahahaha). Ok, I’m off to yoga now to quiet my mind. Ciao!

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