Middle School Flashback!

Pizza! Cookies! Make-overs! Last night was like a time warp to 7th grade! In fact, the idea for the evening came from one of my best friends from that era so I guess it makes sense! Haha. It really was a blast! Amanda (my friend from growing up) who works at the rad website You Beauty invited her friend and former co-worker, Jamie, to my house to show me and my other friend Jenn how to apply make up! But first, we had to eat!!! And dessert came first! I asked Rachel to make those healthy 101 Cookbook cookies. I was going to make them but since she was already here, I thought why not! She works at The Smile and so we were talking about how I had never had their famous cookies (chocolate chip cookies are one of my all time favorite foods!) Rachel said she would bring some for me next time she came to cook. But lo and behold, Amanda showed up with six of them! So we decided to have a cookie battle. Gluten, sugar and dairy free vs. All of the above! Hahaha.

Then next course was another of my favorite foods, PIZZA, from this local pizza place I wanted to try! The box was crazy long! Here’s Jenn holding the massive box!

And here’s the pizza! Where is Garfield when you need him?!?!?!

Then the make-up party began!

Amanda documented everything with my fancy camera! So to be editorial, here’s a before and after shot!!

Jenn was the official note-taker and she was very thorough! I haven’t had time to read through them yet but I can post them here if people want me to! First Jamie put a crazy looking mask on my face!

Jamie said that it’s key to moisturize and take good care of your skin if you want the make up to look good! She then applied tons of moisturizer, toner, primers, serums! My skin looked very uniform and lovely! Then she gave me eyebrows! Wooooo!

I think the painted eyebrows look a little weird without any other make up on so next she applied eyeshadow and then eyeliner!

It started getting late so we wrapped up around 11ish but we didn’t part ways without taking some fun photos first! Here’s what happened when my hat came off! Yeahhh!

Here’s a shot of me, Jamie and Amanda! Jamie is so awesome and fun to hang out with!! Luckily she lives in my hood so we can meet up again! Perhaps at the new Meatball Shop that I saw is opening on 2nd Ave and 76th street! Woop woop!

Then we turned the lights down low and caught this picture with a glow!

Finally, before bed, I tried on one of my wigs and for the first time I don’t think I would be mistaken for a Hasidic woman! Nice!!!

Alright, it’s way past my bedtime! Night y’all!!!

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