Flapper Style Crafternoon

Ok, so yesterday at the beach I was on fire. I mean, I was on Fire Island after all! Maybe it’s because I meditated before I went to bed on Saturday night and I went to bed with lots of positive feelings and thoughts. I forgot to pack a long dress so I found this weird jumper outfit to wear! I really like this head-wrap style called Miss Knotty that was suggested to me by Charlotte! I’ve been wearing it just about every day with this scarf that my bro and Lisa got me in Hawaii that is so pretty! Thanks for the tip Charlotte! My fam wanted to go on a walk and in order to stay out of the sun, I used this old umbrella as a parasol. My dad said we’ve had that umbrella for 33 years, just a little longer than we’ve had the house at Fire Island! Crazy! I couldn’t help but pose for pictures in my fancy outfit! I felt kinda like a supermodel. Check out this animated GIF I just made!

Who said you can’t jump up and down when you are undergoing chemotherapy treatment?!?!? Here’s another shot of me on the beach that my bro took with my fancy camera.

Then, after our walk I got my crafternoon started! I made a bunch of these shells with googley eyes, pipe-cleaners and pom-poms!

I also painted some shells with gouache so I can do this technique I learned from the Clayton Brothers last fall at Art Center!

The technique is that you paint all these layers of gouache on and then let it dry, then paint more and then you slowly rinse it off and let the pigments meld together and marble. Here the shells are drying in the sun.

I haven’t had the time yet to finish them but maybe tomorrow! Today I went to yoga at Golden Bridge and it was really great to be there. The studio has the same calming feeling as the one in LA and I think I am going to start going there on a regular basis. I just wish it was closer to my house since I don’t wanna ride the subway (because of my compromised immunity) and the bus doesn’t go all the way down there. I also want to check out another Kundalini studio called Yoga East this week. I may even try to go jogging soon. I’ve had a lot more energy since Friday and exercise is supposed to be key for my recovery. Maybe this energy boost is from the acupuncture?

A couple health notes to share with you. First, I didn’t mention it in my last post but the nutritionist gave me a handout about meat (beef, fish and chicken) and how cooking meat at high temps (via grilling, pan-frying, or broiling) can create chemicals that are carcinogenic. It says that slow-cooking the meat by stewing, poaching or oven-roasting (which are at lower temperatures) won’t produce these chemicals. Check out this article. It’s not the exact handout she gave me but its the same source and has similar info. I mean, I think it’s probably ok to eat meat cooked at high temperatures once a week but definitely keep moderation in mind. I love grilled fish!!! Finally, I thought I was the only one who wasn’t supposed to take supplements or vitamins (because it can interact with chemo) but this Op-Ed has a pretty compelling argument.

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