Full On Food Indulgence

So I had a pretty stressful week and am now in New York to prep for my big bro’s wedding this weekend. To comfort myself, yesterday my Mom had the most indulgent and delicious lunch ever. We went to Le Relais de Venise┬áL’Entrecote which is a chain of restaurants from London and France that my family used to go to on trips to Paris. They opened up a New York location about 4 years ago in midtown. There is no menu and all they serve is Steak and French Fries! You just tell them how you want it cooked and they bring you as much as you want. I have been eating a bit more meat lately for health reasons and knew that this would be the ultimate place to fill that craving. Before the steak they bring out a delicious romaine salad with the most amazing mustardy dressing ever. And guess what? I broke my no-wheat diet and ate baguette. It was heavenly. Next to pizza, baguettes are my true glutenous obsession and I truly savored every crusty bite.

And don’t think I walked out of there without dessert. We usually order the profiteroles but I saw this tower of deliciousness come out of the kitchen and had to try it.

It’s a tower of merengues, hazelnut, and vanilla ice cream drowning in the best hot fudge you’ll ever have. I’m still savoring it 24 hours later. Another long time neighborhood favorite near my parents house is Madhur Jaffrey‘s Dawat which has become the go to place for my first night in New York. Their food is such high quality and consistent flavor. We got take out last night and I just ate some leftovers for lunch.

I always have new ideas on how I want to redesign the blog. Or new kinds of stories, recipes, features I want to write about. But for the next little while, I think I am going to focus on enjoying amazing food. There is so much out there to be enjoyed.

But I will leave you with two links to articles from the New York Times. The first is from Martha Rose Shulman who I admire for her delicious, simple recipes. In this story she addresses the arsenic in rice issue which I found very honest and informative. I had read about this issue with regards to my favorite rice company Lundberg a few months ago and was happy to read a follow up piece. I basically live off their rice cakes and eat their rice all the time so was glad to hear that rice grown in California has a lower risk of high arsenic levels. The other article is from today’s Dining section where my hero/idol Mark Bittman introduces a new column he will be writing called The Flexitarian.

Stay tuned for my next delicious meal…

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