Pygmy Hippo!!!

So yesterday I stopped by theĀ Pygmy Hippo Shoppe with my friend Samantha. What a great shop! It’s super tiny but chock-full of amazingness. It brought back memories of my days as a retail buyer! The owner, Emi, is hilarious! Here I am posing with some of my purchases.

I picked up some vintage cookbooks, zines and stationery!

The four zines on top are called Babymeat by Jeshaka and are so freaking good! She makes plush pizza dolls too! A kindred spirit for sure! Emi told me that she thinks the Pink Panther cookbook is a one-off because she searched online for others with no luck! It will fit in swimmingly with my ever-growing obscure vintage cookbook collection. The “Greetings From Los Angeles” card is by this amazing Etsy seller Betty Turbo! Emi told me that the artist had never been to L.A. so Emi sent her reference images and she put it all together in this amazing greeting card! I’m gonna send it to my Mom because she’s amazing and I miss her. Finally, the “Good Things to Eat” cookbook is a 1943 cookbook made by Arm and Hammer Baking Soda! I made a lil animated GIF so you can see both the front and back cover up close!

Tomorrow I am taking a gardening class in Venice! More updates soon!

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