So I finally silkscreened the indigo totes! I started off with the pink ink which wasn’t very bold on the indigo but I still kinda like them.

I was definitely having flashbacks to college and my early 20s when I used to silkscreen all the time! What a blast! Then I switched to black ink and wished I had done that way earlier because the color is so POP BANG WHIZ on the totes:

What are your thoughts? Should I screen the other side of the pink totes with black? I’m missing the feedback of studio mates right now so I am instead asking you, dear mysterious internet!

I also made a colorful and satisfying lunch today. I started biking to the farmers market but then I realized that biking in the rain really isn’t fun so I popped into Trader Joe’s because I needed a few things there. I was going to buy my produce there but I just couldn’t bare to do it. The broccoli and lettuces looked putrified and depressing in their shrink wrap so I ended up driving to the market instead. As usual, it was worth it!

Tonight I am going to the Museum of Jurassic Technology Holiday party which should be a blast! I’ll do my best to take some pics!

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