Fermentation Frenzy

I can’t stop! I really can’t! After the glorious rain finally ended in LA, I went to the backyard and set up my indigo bath for dyeing tote bags! Indigo dye involves fermentation? Well, according to Wikipedia, most current methods are synthetic but the original plant “indican” was fermented to extract the color from the plant and then mixed with other solutions and made into powders. I’ve been hooked on the stuff since last year! I dyed about 50 totes plus a few odds and ends.

I pretty much threw out my back in the process and now all the totes are drying all over my house. Haha. Next up, I’m gonna silkscreen them with this new Snack Mountain logo.

My lucky friends and relatives will receive these as a holiday gift from me!

I also made a new colorful batch of Sauerkraut this weekend. This time I used both green and red cabbage and added scallions, garlic, fennel seeds, and cumin seeds! I’m psyched to try it!

Finally, I’ll leave you with some rough wall sketches! Trying to keep that process going! Yeah!!

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