LA in Bloom!

Right now every plant,tree, or succulent I see is blooming! This is so different from New York where you have to go to a park or botanical to see exotic plants. I’ve been going on tons of walks in my neighborhood and discovering interesting “creatures,” picking fruit and getting sinus headaches from all the pollen! For example, the colors in this vegetable garden were so lovely:

On Friday, Maura and I went on a walk in the Silver Lake hills to explore secret staircases, catch great views and eat oranges:

Did you catch that? Haha. I’m such a dork. On another walk I saw a patriotic cactus plant and a tree whose flowers that looked exactly like Animal from the Muppets:

I just can’t get enough of it! When will LA stop amazing me with its beauty and charm?┬áIn other news, there is a lot of exciting ideas brewing over Snack Mountain and (CHEESE BALL ALERT!) I hope that soon my new ideas will be blooming too!

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