Joshua Tree Art Adventure!

So yesterday I went with my buddies Maura and Caitlin to Joshua Tree for an exclusive art adventure. There are so many things to do there that we decided to just focus on the art sites that are listed on the High Desert Test Sites website. We first went to Wendy  and Amy’s Swap Meet but we were not feeling thrifty so we headed over to the Crochet Museum!!! I should also mention that my strong desire to head to the desert was inspired by Fashion Intel’s recent blog posts about the wonders of the desert. Stepping into the Crochet Museum was a blissful experience for a toy collector such as myself.

Outside of the Crochet Museum were these odd busts with sunglasses on them. This one was my favorite. There is something very Robert Palmer about her. It’s like Simply Irresistible meets Sledgehammer:

We then headed over to “Behind the Bail Bonds” where we saw two aluminum truck heads welded together that is pretty crazy looking and is an amazing site for desert photos (including one mock band photo).

Next, we traveled to Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum which basically felt like a post-apocalyptic site from so many sci-fi movies that I love!

Sigh. I totally understand why people love Joshua Tree and fantasize about moving there to make art. Next time camping or thrifting (or both!).

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