Salad Town

So I know Los Angeles has many names and I’m not sure if Salad Town is one of them but it sure should be! I am a huge salad eater and boy did I eat some good ones on this trip. Exhibit A pictured above at Golden Bridge Yoga! I went to a class the day after I arrived and then enjoyed their amazing salad bar that I have missed so much! They had a new exciting item which was Gardein’s fake chicken strips that were roasted with rosemary. So delicious and I rarely eat fake meat products these days. I was having a weird hunger/fatigue day so after eating this salad, I swung by Maura’s house and we went to Sqirl where I got delicious salad number two pictured below!

So you don’t have to guess that I had a great time in LA. Because I did! Haha. It was so great to spend time with Steve, Maura, Abe, Mindy, Kate, Driscoll, Nathan, and more! Plus I got to meet Steve’s lovely parents which was so much fun! But back to the salads, I whipped up this one with amazing veggies from the farmers’ market to bring to a potluck at Kate’s house!

On the way to Kate’s house there was an unbelievable sunset!

Then on Sunday Steve and I went on a great hike in Studio City!

Check out the view! It was such an invigorating work out for me. I love being outside! I’ve said this a million times but LA is magical and I can’t wait to move back!

But once again, back to the main subject here, salad. Maura had a great idea of having a picnic potluck at the Silver Lake reservoir and boy did Maura and Abe make some bad-ass salads!!

And when the sun set, we were visited by a night owl!

On Monday, I went to Tej’s yoga class which was really great. I said hello to her at the end and she was so sweet. I felt healed just looking into her eyes which were filled with compassion and love! She is amazing! I didn’t want to leave LA! I am hoping to back in 5-6 weeks and maybe even to take a mini road trip with Steve! We shall see! It’s been a little hard to re-adjust to NYC. Chemo yesterday was a 12-hour day filled with delays and my veins were not so cooperative because I had to have my IV inserted five times! Ouch! And today I’ve had probably the worst chemo-related nausea yet! I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse over the weekend. But enough complaining! Haha. On a positive note, my hair seems to be growing back! It’s kindy fuzzy and a little white but it’s definitely growing! I showed my doctor yesterday and he didn’t seem that impressed by it but it’s been exciting and makes me feel more comfortable with the idea of going outside bald eagle. I’m gonna wait to see if it grows in a little more before I make the move! In other news, I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired by Integrative Nutrition this week. I am so grateful for the program. It feels like the best thing I could be possibly be doing for myself and I know it will put me on a great path for helping others down the road which fills me with joy. I wanted to write so much more but I think I’m all out of blogging power. Maybe I should go eat a salad…hahahaha. xoxo Lauren

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