Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

This weekend at Fire Island my mom and I went for a walk and I found so many great shells! It was so inspiring. I love all the oyster shells. One of them looked like it was fused together and resembled a snake head. Another looked like a fish head! What is going on? And then I found a delicate crab shell that looked like it had a giraffe pattern on it. So many of them had holes in them that were asking to be made into necklaces!

I even started making a few necklaces but I need to go to that amazing bead store in LA to get some clasps (and more wooden beads!!!)

Finally, my collection of shell art is taking over the surfaces inside the house. I want to have a Radio Flyer wagon art show/sale on the dock at the end of the summer. Hahaha.

Well, I’ve got tons to do today. Including a secret project with Rachel that I will share with you at the end of the month! Plus, I’ve got to start packing for LA!!! Woohoo! xoxo Lauren

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