Here I am looking like a major dork this morning as I went to hang out with my dear friend Rachel who is in town this week. We went for a nice walk in the park and I ran around the reservoir after. I’ve still been full of energy and feeling good so I couldn’t resist going for a run! But to be honest, right now I’m so tired and my brain feels like mush. So if my writing seems off, please understand. I’m about to go get some acupuncture and take a nice nap there. Haha. But before I go, check out the delicious food that a different Rachel cooked for me this week!

It’s so nice to have good food on hand! The quinoa she made is amazing. It has chickpeas, sugar snap peas and sunflower seeds in it. A winning combo for sure! Then she roasted some chicken breasts with fresh herbs! Yum! The green soup is a cauliflower, kale and dill puree! Then there is a white bean, chard and potato ragout and a fennel, apple, spinach salad. Yes! So amazing! I told her to take next week off because STEVE WILL BE HERE!!!! OMG. SO EXCITED. Sorry, caps had to be used for those sentences. Hahaha. Finally, look at my lovely plant set up in my room! My mom lent me a nice Vera tea towel to use on top of the side table. I truly believe that visual inspiration is part of the healing process.

I never used to be that into orchids but the more I look at this one my friends Matt and Jenn gave me, the more amazed I am! Alright well, gotta run (not literally, I’m done for today…)!

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