Yo Lalalala

This is a picture of me when I was around 14 or 15. It was taken around the time I fell in love with Yo La Tengo. The purpose of this post is basically to urge you to listen to their new album because its AMAZING. I have been listening to them for more than half my life and this new album is blowing my mind!!! I am turning 32 years old in a few weeks (no, I am not 26 as most people assume) and I can’t believe that they are still putting out unbelievably good records. I’m super bummed I missed their show at Amoeba last week because I was still sick! Speaking of sickness, the nasty superbug seems to still be going around and I wanted to share a list of herbal recommendations that I have sent out to a few friends who are sick. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so you should only follow this advice at your own risk. Haha. When I revamp the blog, I’ll add this to the resources section! For now, enjoy and get better (if you are sick):

1. Drink apple cider vinegar (Braggs organic raw): a couple tablespoons in a full glass of water three times a day!
2. Oregano oil or capsules: supposed to be very good for fighting off infections!
3. Elderberry extract: very good for flu/colds
4. Grapefruit seed extract: has natural antibiotics/antiviral properties; comes in pill or liquid form
5. Garlic capsules
6. Wellness Formula by Source Naturals: it has chinese herb blend in it called yin chao that really works!
7. Zinc!!!
8. Get acupuncture
9. Inhale hot steam from a shower, a boiling pot of water or a cup of tea

Other than that, the usual rest, soup, sleep, etc.

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