Colorful food and Kombucha cabinet!

This week I have been in awe of how colorful my food has been. I never thought that the color of my food could inspire me so much. It tastes delicious so that helps too. I can’t get enough sauerkraut, roasted cauliflower and kale salad! I also made this pretty butternut squash risotto. It’s perfect for this cold weather in LA! My friends Aurora and Sam came over for dinner and I gave them a tour of my Kombucha cabinet.

Speaking of Kombucha, I really need to post a recipe one of these days. I am very proud of my brew! It’s getting rave reviews from all of my friends. I will make a batch in the New Year and share it with you. Also, if you want any starter culture, the SCOBYs are taking up some serious real estate in my fridge and need a new home. You could be the proud mother of an alien baby SCOBY! Hahahaha. Finally, I sent out a bunch of totes to my east coast friends this week. Check your mail!

Well I’m off to Snow Mass, Colorado to see the hotel my big bro designed. Holla! Happy new year!

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