Daisy for Nana

What a week it’s been. I am still unsure how I feel about posting super-personal information on this blog but here goes. I am a New Yorker and as much as I am in love with Los Angeles, it’s hard to be away from my home when disaster strikes. I was panicking about the threat the storm would pose to our house on Fire Island. We are incredibly fortunate that our house is fine. I feel devastated for those who lost so much in New Jersey, Staten Island and the Rockaways. In addition to the crazy storm, my grandmother passed away on Tuesday just as the storm was clearing the area. Needless to say, the timing was pretty crazy. Unable to plan for the funeral due to lack of power and transportation issues, we had to push everything back a week. My grandmother took care of me and my brother from the day we were born until we went to college. I saw her almost every day during that time. She was a sweet, tall, blond Norweigan lady that I will miss forever. She took care of our family dachshund, Daisy, every day too. So I decided to make her a doll as a parting gift. It has two sides: a brown side (Daisy’s actual color) and a polka dot side (for the fun memories).

I am planning to volunteer in New York on Wednesday and Thursday and I urge anyone who hasn’t already to donate to the Red Cross or other relief operations. I just gave money to Occupy Sandy which is providing help to the Rockaways.

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