He’s aliiiiive!!!

Why hello! I’d like to introduce you to Broccoli! He’s alive!!! You may be wondering why “he” has such pretty eyelashes. Well, maybe its because this Broccoli may not actually be a “he” after all. I am in the process of developing an installation portrait thingamabob for my illustration class and I’ve decided to title it: “I’d like to make you dinner. I’ll be Broccoli and you’ll be Donkey.” (The donkey bust is yet to come…) The assignment was to do a portrait and so I’ve chosen my grandfather who died when I was 10 but was a fascinating person who lived almost his whole life in St. Thomas, USVI and was involved with politics. He wrote a book and there’s a story about a Donkey, which is why he will be one in my project. Plus I just love Donkeys! They are definitely my “spirit animal.” Hahaha. More to come on this project later…

In other news, the cleanse is still going strong. ┬áDespite how loudly as I complained about it last week, I’m really glad I am doing it. My stomach feels amazing!

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