Broccoli or Bust!

Wow! I love living in California! I got this beautiful newsprint booklet in the mail with all ┬áthe info on propositions for the upcoming election. It gave me the idea to do drawings/posters for Prop 37 which would mandate GMO labeling! The drawing pictured above is very rough and I’ll probably redo the whole thing. (Side note: I have to admit how vulnerable I feel posting these half-finished-early-stage-experimentation paintings/drawings up here but I have no idea if anyone actually looks at this so I’ll just continue to do so.) Anyway, look at this booklet:

It’s super thick! Love it! Can’t wait to vote YES on prop 37! Because no one wants hairy broccoli or corn zombies, right??? I also decided to make some salt-dough so I could make a broccoli bust! It will probably be the first of many!

He looks pretty terrifying right now but will hopefully look less scary once I paint him! In other news, I tasted the 2nd fermentation kombucha with the blueberries and its freaking delicious!!! Why wasn’t I doing this before!?!?!?! It’s so much more delicious (and possibly alcoholic)…

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