Chicago/Lake Geneva

Hi Folks,

I just returned from the gorgeous Mid-West. I spent two days in Chicago with a college friend Megan Coleman who is so awesome. When my brother came to meet me Friday morning he said that at first he thought he was at my house based on the art and toys she had on display. We met this amazing “ghost” dachshund (see above) at a vintage store in Wicker Park. We also hung out with another old college friend Devin who I hadn’t seen since I graduated. His claymation is out of this world! We went to the Art Institute of Chicago where we saw the Lichtenstein show and the Thorne Miniatures room!

Then I was off to Lake Geneva for a wedding where I hung with all my “brothers!” Matt’s baby is too cute and he agreed to marry me although I don’t think he actually understands what he agreed too. There’s time to explain…

The night ended with the traditional Bacardi 151 fireballs! Stay tuned for the animated gif of that one! You can see the flickr set here!

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